Original Creationz – By Default

We take the work we do for clients very serious – a big contrast on how see ourself – everyone at illegalistic can be him or herself to the fullest. That's what we think is important to create original, one of a kind and professional products. As real creativity seems a crime these days – designs and style are copied with excuses; it's the trend. We consider ourselves outlaws to the fullest – we don't need boxes to think out off.

Good design is related to the style and tone of voice of a company or brand – it should be a constructive addition – not a quick fix or patch that won't hold for a longer timespan. When a identity feels right on all sides and levels – then something valuable is been created – we're getting excited – and the brand or company can focus on it's core business with proper confidence.

illegalistic is been founded in 1996 by two art students and recently became a branche office of VA-MDS / MMO.

    Make your business original